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What Are The Child Support Guidelines?

Wednesday’s Video Clip: What Are The Child Support Guidelines?

In this video we discuss the child support guidelines.

In 1997, the federal government brought in a set of new rules and tables for calculating the amount of support a parent who does not have custody of his or her child must pay to the parent who has custody.

These rules and tables were later adopted by the Ontario government and are set out in the Child Support Guidelines.

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  1. Jim #

    The child support guidelines are a 1990’s Liberal Government era formula designed to transfer wealth from the non custodial parents household to the custodial parents household. In very few cases do the guidelines reflect the true cost of raising a child. In some cases, it is too little money, in other cases there is built in spousal support. The guidelines are generally fair to low income non custodial parents with low access costs, however once the non custodial parent earns in excess of $50,000/Year and pays for more than one child along with their own access costs, it’s better to have shared custody (40%+) than pay these table amounts. The guidelines also allow very little flexibility if a non custodial parent has other family obligations, such as an elderly parent or a second family to care for.

    August 24, 2013

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