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What Are The Child Support Guidelines? – video

Wednesday’s Video Clip: What Are The Child Support Guidelines?

In this law video we review the child support guidelines.

In 1997, the federal government brought in a set of new rules and tables for calculating the amount of support a parent who does not have custody of his or her child must pay to the parent who has custody.

These rules and tables were later adopted by the Ontario government and are set out in the Child Support Guidelines.

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  1. Coreen #

    I have a question.. Not sure if this is Where I post it…. So I put a motion in for child support a few years ago and never followed through with it, any how I am reopening the case, but note so is another woman he had relations with….. She is also going for Child support too… How does this work, so do we (the mother’s) have to split it, or will he have to pay the both of us 30% of his income???

    July 10, 2015

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