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Obligations to Pay Child Support Even with Undue Hardship


Obligations to Pay Child Support Even with Undue Hardship

In this video we review a court decision from earlier this year, the court confirmed that a father was still obligated to pay support for his two children from a first marriage even though:

1) he no longer had a relationship with them;

2) he had a new family (and two other small children) to support; and

3) the child support obligation would cause him undue hardship, in light of his difficult financial circumstances.

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  1. Gayle Freeman-Weedon #

    My ex claimed undue hardship in 2001. He quit his job after he left our home and moved in with another woman who had two children. Even though the father of her children was diligently paying her every month, my ex said to the court that he had bills with his new family. We had a ten years old daughter at the time. Long story short, he was ordered to pay $20 /month from the $506 he was supposed to have paid for child and spousal support. Do I have rights to go after him for this money. According to his Facebook, he has his own business and is collecting Odsp. Our daughter is 25 now, but i still feel entitled to that money.

    January 16, 2016

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