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New! Expanded EI Parental Leave

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New! Expanded EI Parental Leave

The Canadian federal government has announced recently that it is changing the rules relating to parental leave under the Employment Insurance program.  After the birth of a child, a parent can now spread up to 12 months of his or her EI benefits over an 18-month period. The total value of the benefits to which a parent is entitled does not change, so the benefits for that 18-month period are paid at a lower rate.

In other words, from a dollar standpoint this means that a parent who would normally receive $543 per week over 12 months can now receive $326 per week over 18 months.

The changes take effect on or after December 3, 2017 for federally-regulated employees (e.g. employees in banking, transportation, telecommunications, the federal public service, etc.); the corresponding amendments that apply to provincial workers are not yet in force, so employees in that sector may have to wait until they are eligible to actually have the extra time off work.  (The Ontario government has committed to bringing in analogous amendments, however).

The intent is to give families more flexibility around arranging for family responsibilities, and these changes are being implemented in tandem with changes to family caregiver and maternity benefits.

See also the CBC News report on these changes.

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