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O Canada Now Gender-Neutral

O Canada Now Gender-neutral

Canada’s national anthem will is one step close to gener neutrality.

“O Canada” was proclaimed Canada’s national anthem in 1980, one century after it was first sung in 1880. The music was composed by Calixa Lavallée.

The Senate just passed a private members bill  introduced by Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger after 18 months of debate.

“In all thy sons command” will be changed to “In all of us command”. The bill now awaits royal assent from the Governor General before it becomes law.

For Canada, we are now one further step towards a more just and tolerant society.

Perhaps President Trump and the U.S. will take note and follow our example of tolerance and inclusiveness? Who knows.

Kiss & Tell: The Divorce Lawyer’s Duty of Confidentiality

Kiss & Tell: The Divorce Lawyer’s Duty of Confidentiality

Newsweek reported recently that President Trump’s former divorce lawyer Jay Goldberg is has penned a tell-all book that will include details for his two former divorces.

President Trump was formerly married to Ivana Trump and to Marla Maples. Both matters are now settled.

Golberg’s potential book may fly in the face of long held and important traditions and rules of confidentially. Clients tell their lawyers their deepest secrets with the protection that that information and confidence will not be misused or abused. 
This is known as solicitor-client privilege and forms the cornerstone of the solicitor client relationship and enables the lawyer to get the full picture, develop legal strategies that will be in their client’s best interests and fosters the dispensing of legal advice.

Divorce lawyers in Ontario are governed by strict Rules of Professional Conduct that ensure clients’ confidences are kept secret.

So what do you think? Should lawyers be allowed to write tell-all books about their former clients’ divorces and legal affairs?