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Wife Awarded $110,000.00 Monthly Spousal Support

An Court has ordered a husband to pay his wife $110,000 per month for spousal support.  This is considered one of the largest reported spousal support orders in Canada.

The 62 year old husband Claude Frederick Elgner was married to his 61 year old wife Carol Ann Elgner for 33 years.  Claude’s annual income exceeded $3 million dollars.

Despite receiving a $1.75 million towards her share of family property, the court determined that the wife should not have to deplete her savings to meet her considerable monthly expenses pegged at $88,790.   Her expenses included home repairs, maintenance, gardening and $13,668 per month for legal expenses.

Given that the wife was unemployable and the husband had an ability to pay support the wife’s right to enjoy a similar lifestyle after she separated from her husband was what the Court focused on.

The Court, on motion, also ordered the husband to pay his wife $140,000 retroactive monthly spousal support.   The retroactive award totaled $1.68 million.

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