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5 Steps to Enhance Your Online Profile

5 Steps to Enhance Your Online Profile

1. Create a Website

Create a website about your firm, business or services that you offer.   You can build your own website,, or hire someone to build one for you.   There are many programmers out there who can help, try yelp for referrals,

2. Use Facebook

Create a facebook page or business page for your company on facebook.  Ccomplete your profile with as much information and details as possible.

3. Tweet on Twitter

Like facebook, twitter is growing exponentially.   Tweet things that interest you or are relevant to your business or service.   Learn more about tweets and Twitter by reading Twitterville by Shel Israel, reference:   If possible link your tweets to your website and or blog.

4. Create and Maintain a Blog

Create a blog specific to your interests, business or services.   Provide helpful tips and information which may be useful to others with similar interests.   Update your blog regularly.   For more infomration about blogging reference:

5. Youtube

Create a video or powerpoint presentation regarding your interests, business or services and put it on youtube.   Make refence in your video or presentation to your twitter, blog and or website and enhance your online profile.

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