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Common Law Spouse Awarded $200,000 as Compensation

Common Law Spouse Awarded $200,000 as Compensation

Jill Teskey and John Jones lived together for 10 years but were never married. Jill was a flight attendant earning $45,000 and John was a VP of a juice company earning $125,000.

Jill moved into John’s home after they met and had a child 2 years later. Jill stayed home to care for the child. John retired in 6 years later.

Jill continued to work as a full time teacher and did most of the parenting. Jill also paid for many of the expenses and improvements to John’s home and continued to live in John’s home rent free.

The court found that John had been enriched by Jill’s contributions to his home and even though they were not married Jill was entitled to a monetary award when they separated.

Accordingly, the court awarded Jill $200,000 for the services, work and financial contribution that Jill made to the relationship. Some of Jill’s contributions included:

• Gardening

• Helping replace decks

• Preserving logs inside and outside the home

• Scrapping moss

• Mowing the lawn

• Stripping wall paper and painting

• Purchasing items for the child’s bedroom; and

• Shoveling the driveway

Justice Kruzick’s decision in Teskey v. Jones can be found at http://bit.ly/gk91a4

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