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Who’s Your Baby Daddy?

Who’s Your Baby Daddy?

The Ontario Court has not allowed George Dryden to continue his suit against his own family members for alledgedly cutting him out of an inhereitence.

Amongst other claims Mr. Dryden has alleged that he is the a child of John Diefenbaker, Canada’s 13th Prime Minister.

The Court determined that the family’s decision to keep Mr Dryden’s lineage a secret did not give him the right to sue. The Court stated:

“There is no duty on parents to disclose the identity of a child’s natural parents and correspondingly the child does not have a legal right to know the identity of their natural parents,”

Justice Beth Allen wrote in her judgment:

“The court is loathe to interfere with or to disturb parental decisions on what information should or should not be disclosed to their children.”

It appears from initial news reports that Mr. Dryden was not satisfied with this result and intends to pursue the matter further.

To review the Court’s decision, reference Dryden v. Dryden, 2011 ONSC 7060 (CanLII)

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