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The 6 Minute Divorce

 Further to our recent blog and Facebook discussion we are fine tuning our ‘6 Minute Divorce’  where our Fans / Followers will be able to have a Q. & A. with our lawyers and where people can interact with our firm.


Visit us on Facebook at to learn more.



Here is an initial list of possible topics we have received: 

  1. Child welfare
  2. co-hab agreements
  3. equalization
  4. debts, gifts and lottery winnings
  5. determining when you are separated
  6. childrens’ views and wishes
  7. fault and adultery
  8. mediation
  9. support issues
  10. costs


Thanks to Christine, Peter, Susan and everyone who have provided their input so far.

Please keep sending us your ideas and suggestions !!

We hope you find this process useful and informative.



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