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ABA TECHSHOW 2012: “Managing the Transition to Paperless”

I am looking forward to presenting “Managing the Transition to Paperless” with David Bilinsky.

Learn to tame the wild paper beast and transition to paperless with ease. 

We will focus on how best to manage the shift to paperless and ensure you have considered all aspects of your new paperless office.

The various procedures you will want to introduce such as scanning, document management, and back-ups will be reviewed. Evaluating your hardware and software and how to determine what needs upgrading will also be discussed.

The process of the transition to paperless can be managed by properly planning, anticipating, executing, adjusting and learning.  Don’t forget involving everyone in the project at the start – and celebrating with them at the end!  The firms that have gone paperless all say the same thing:  It is cost-effective, it enables remote work and greater work-life balance, it allows you to carry your documents with you and access them on multiple remote devices wherever you may be.  You can take your case to court and present it with ease.  Moving to e-filing in government registries and tribunals is eased.  It is easier – and cheaper – to store documents electronically than on paper.

The 2012 ABA TECHSHOW is a must for every lawyer interested in technology and learning new ways to make their firm more efficient.

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