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So You Want to Be A Taikonaut?

So You Want to Be A Taikonaut?

The Globe and Mail recently reported:

In the coming days, the People’s Republic of China will become the eighth country to see one of its female citizens in space, and just the third country to put them there with its own technology.

But the name of the first female taikonaut remains a closely guarded secret in the countdown to the expected launch of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft on Saturday. And the woman who is sure to be hailed as a Chinese national hero  …

So do you think you have the right stuff?  Here are some qualifications China is seeking in their taikonaut:

      1. to be married
      2. to have given birth naturally
      3. to be physically and mentally mature
      4. to be odour-free
      5. to have flawless skin
      6. to be a Peoples Liberation Army fighter pilot

Some of the top contenders include Major Liu who has been described as ‘a quite girl’ with ‘a sweet smile’ and Capt. Wang who apparently impressed recruiters as ‘smart, lively and eager to excel’.

Hopefully the successful candidate will not get a pimple or blemish otherwise China may have to delay the launch.

So what do you think of China’s taikonaut screening process?

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