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5 Divorce Questions: Interview of Divorce Lawyer Pei-Shing Wang by Russell Alexander


5 Divorce Questions: Interview of Divorce Lawyer Pei-Shing Wang by Russell Alexander

In what we hope will be a successful new feature here on, we are starting a new interview series today that will gather advice from divorce lawyers across the Canada (and beyond). The FamilyLLB blog was originally started with the goal of providing useful information and guidance to those going through a divorce in Ontario. This interview series, conducted by Russell Alexander , should help extend that mission and provide additional new perspectives to our readers. We hope to feature a new lawyer interview each Friday, so stay tuned!

In our inaugural blog interview, we are pleased to interview Pei-Shing B. Wang  of PSWLaw, who is a Toronto-based lawyer practicing primarily family law. Pei-Shing helps his clients manage difficult legal issues raised from separation and divorce both inside and outside the court system. His approach is both practical and results-driven. He is a trained collaborative family law lawyer and offers these thoughts.

Russell Alexander: “How often do people ask you for advice or guidance about separation and divorce and in which jurisdictions do you practice in?”

Pei-Shing B. Wang: “I practice in the greater Toronto area in addition to remote counties where services in Mandarin Chinese aren’t available. People ask me for advice and guidance about separation and divorce almost every day.”

Russell Alexander: “What are the biggest concerns people raise with you about separation and divorce?”

Pei-Shing B. Wang: “Most people are worried about the legal fees and going to court. They do not realize that there are options available other than going to court. It’s my duty to educate my clients and help them make the best of this difficult time.”

Russell Alexander: “What advice do you have for people looking for lawyer?”

Pei-Shing B. Wang: “Hire someone who you are comfortable with. Interview a few lawyers before you decide. You should be able to communicate with your lawyer without difficulties. For example, if the lawyer you are trying to hire never returns your phone call, that lawyer probably isn’t the one for you.

Make sure the lawyer’s professional approach is compatible with your expectations. If you want to settle but your lawyer wants to litigate, the relationship probably won’t work out well.”

Russell Alexander: “What are the top 3 tips you have for people going through a divorce?”

Pei-Shing B. Wang: “One, calm down. It’s a difficult, perhaps traumatic time for everyone who goes through a separation or divorce. The difficulties will pass.

Two, listen to your lawyer. It’s understandable that people are emotionally charged when going through a divorce. At the same time, emotionally charged people don’t make well-reasoned decisions. Part of the job of your lawyer is to offer professional and objective advice. It may not be what you want to hear, but you need to listen to your lawyer’s advice and the reasons behind it before deciding what to do.

And three, be organized. The lawyers can’t do their jobs if the clients don’t give them proper instructions. Because of the intimate nature of divorce and separation, you are expected to be involved in the process and to provide the information requested promptly. Often cases are stalled because the clients didn’t provide enough information to the lawyers to move the case to the next stage. Being organized will help your lawyer deal with your issues efficiently.”

Russell Alexander: “What do you envision for the future of family law?”

Pei-Shing B. Wang: “The courts do not adequately address the needs of families going through transitions. The overwhelming amount of cases makes it impossible. While there are cases should be adjudicated by a judge, they are uncommon. Litigation is costly, and it inevitably destroys however little trust is left between the spouses. Hopefully, with time, people will realize not even the judges can make their problems go away, With that in mind, I can see more couples approach family law issues with a reasonable settlement in mind.”

Next Friday we will be interviewing Cornwall Ontario lawyerMichele R.J. Allinotte, the founder of Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation. We also welcome your suggestions for new interview targets! If you know a divorce lawyer with great advice, pleasesend her or him our way.

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