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5 Divorce Questions: Brian King Interview

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Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

This week we interview North Carolina attorney Brian King. Brian King is the senior partner at King Law Offices, and a North Carolina Certified Family Law Specialist. Brian has also served as a member of the North Carolina Child Support Council and has been elected as President of the Judicial District Bar. King Law Offices provides family law services in North and South Carolina.

Russell Alexander: “How often do people ask you for advice or guidance about separation and divorce and in which jurisdictions do you practice in?”

Brian King: “Russell, thank you for the opportunity to discuss our practice with you. As a family law specialist, I meet with clients daily on family law matters. We have offices in North and South Carolina, and have a thriving family law practice in five offices, serving from Mecklenburg County to Buncombe County in North Carolina, all the way to Greenville, South Carolina and all places in between.”

Russell Alexander: “What are the biggest concerns people raise with you about separation and divorce?”

Brian King: “Initially, clients are most concerned on the impact their separation will have on the children. Until the children’s schedule is resolved, it is hard for client’s to focus on the financial parts. Often, it is my position to protect client’s from taking this one concern and sacrificing the important remaining issues. I tend to direct my client’s to a budget for protecting themselves and their children from the often disastrous financial burdens of divorce. As a parent who has gone through divorce myself, I understand the fear and hurt of the process. I appreciate the emotional cycle that ending a marriage brings on client’s. We spend a lot of time up front on positioning for the steps facing my clients through the process.”

Russell Alexander: ” What advice do you have for people looking for lawyer?”

Brian King: “Selection of an attorney may be the most important decision for you to make after the choice of separation is made. Finding an attorney that will listen to your issue, and strive to understand your position is vital to rebuilding your new life. Once you find someone you can trust, you can start building a plan to put you and your family in position to move forward from a devastating situation.”

Russell Alexander: “What are the top 3 tips you have for people going through a divorce?”

Brian King: “First, understand that your mental and emotional health must be taken care of before you can take care of others. Until you are in a position to clearly make decisions, you cannot possibly be the person to resolve your children’s issues. Second, understand that your attorney needs your full communication concerning your case. This means turning over all documents, but it also means explaining what you want from the divorce process. Finally, picture what you want your life to look like in five years. A decision made for immediate revenge or out of anger may not fit with the goal of brining long-term success in your life–and your children’s.”

Russell Alexander: ”What do you envision for the future of family law?”

Brian King:  “Our firm is excited to be on the forefront of several innovative areas of family law. We have a strong mediation representation program, eliminating the need for litigation in many of our cases. I am very interested in the development of collaborative law in our area, where the parties collaborate together to solve the issues of divorce in a non-adversarial program designed to maximize benefit to children and parties at a fraction of the cost of traditional litigation. The future is centered on helping parties progress through the process of divorce in a manner that reduces stress, costs and emotional scaring.”

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