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Some Canadian Media Outlets Are Shutting Out Justice Brownstone and Family Matters TV


Some Canadian Media Outlets Are Shutting Out Justice Brownstone and Family Matters TV

Family Matters TV offered their episodes to all the national broadcasters in Canada for free last season and this season, and that all of them turned them down, most recently the CBC.   The Vancouver Sun recently picked up on this story.

Justice Brownstone and Family Matters TV provides valuable access to Justice system and much-needed common sense and information about the family court system.

The public has a craving for quality and accurate information about the family courts and divorce. This show needs to be promoted and distributed by the tv networks and all levels of government.

The public can still access Family Matters TV online  and the first air dates for the show are: CHCH May 4 @1:30pm (then each Sat @1:30pm afterwards for 16 weeks (different time slot for the Fall); CHEK May 4 @6:30pm and May 6th @9pm then each Sat and Mon for 16 weeks.

Hopefully other private and public broadcasters will have a change of heart and decide to air this important TV series.

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