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Family Matters Season 2 Trailer is Out

Family Matters Season 2 Trailer is Out

In its second season Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone, is the only TV show ever hosted by an actual sitting judge. Justice Brownstone is the author of the bestseller: Tug of War: a Judge’s Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court. He is considered the ‘face and voice of the Canadian justice system;’ and is likely the most recognizable judge in the country.

Family Matters focuses on the relationship between modern family issues and the justice system, covering topics such as Internet dating, spousal and child support, addictions, parenting, social media, bullying, domestic violence, same-sex marriage/parenting, adoption, child protection, and infidelity. Justice Brownstone interviews social workers, lawyers, mediators, judges, psychologists, and everyday people to inform and entertain viewers on topics usually not discussed in a sophisticated, intelligent manner on TV.

To learn more visit Family Matters online.

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