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Top 10 Tips for Re-opening Deadlocked Negotiations

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Top 10 Tips for Re-opening Deadlocked Negotiations

Sometimes people can become deadlocked when trying to negotiate resolutions to disputes.  It can be very difficult to reopen negotiations once parties become fixed in their positions.  Here is a list of 10 tips for re-opening deadlocked negotiations:

1. Use  intermediaries

2. Give conciliatory signals

3. Show a willingness to discuss procedure

4. Admit flexibility on specific solutions

5. Prioritize interests

6.  Identify the of division between hawks and doves

7. Acknowledge the  other’s interests

8.  Assemble an expert problem solving team

9.  Rewarding others for any helpful initiatives

10.  Keeping communication open

This is list based in part on Dobermans and diplomats: seventeen strategies for re-opening hopelessly deadlocked negotiations by John Wade of Bond University.