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Familyllb Wins Clawbie for Best Practitioner Blog

Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335


Familyllb Wins Clawbie for Best Practitioner Blog

As some of you may know, Russell Alexander and Familyllb were nominated for a Clawbie (the Canadian Law Blog Awards).

We recently learned that Familyllb had won a Clawbie for the Best Practitioner Blog.

What is a Clawbie?

The Clawbies back in 2005 as a fun and engaging way to encourage the growth of the Canadian legal blogosphere. Today, no encouragement is required: the volume and quality of Canadian law blogging continues to grow every year, amazing and inspiring us along the way. And every year, the job of choosing the Clawbie winners becomes that much more challenging! There are so many gems out there that rewarding the richest and brightest, means we’re leaving many other fine jewels unrecognized.

Nominations for the Clawbies were submitted from lawyers and law bloggers across Canada by blog post, tweet, or email ballot. That list was supplemented by selections from our three judges: Steve Matthews, Jordan Furlong, and Simon Fodden.

Here’s what the judges said about Familyllb:

Central Ontario divorce lawyer Russell Alexander writes about family law issues in a practical way. He’s clear, sincere, and isn’t afraid to experiment, as shown by his use of video content, or documenting of philanthropic activities.

We would like to recognize and congratulate all Clawbie winners and Finalists.

We would also like to thank our associate lawyers, staff, researchers and videographers who help us generate the content for Familyllb.

Thank you Familyllb readers and commentators for your passion and support.

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