Divorce 101 FAQs

How can I get a court order changed?

The divorce judgment legally ends your marriage and that cannot be changed. But sometimes you may need to change other parts of the judgment, such as the parenting arrangements for the child, or child or spousal support. You may ask a judge to change an order for custody or access when there has been a significant change in the condition, means, needs or other circumstances of the child and/or yourself or the other parent since the last order was made. You may ask a judge to change an order for child support if:

  • the special expenses of the child change;
  • your income or your former spouse’s income changes; and/or
  • there are other significant changes in your circumstances or those of your former spouse or the children. In some cases, you may also change a spousal support order.

If you cannot agree, you can go back to court, present your case and ask a judge to make a new order.