Divorce 101 FAQs

Where can I get more information on Ontario Divorce?

There are many professional people, organizations and other sources that can help you or provide more information:

  • A family law lawyer.
  • An information centre specializing in family justice.
  • A parent education course for separating parents.
  • Duty counsel at a legal aid office.
  • A community legal clinic.
  • A university law school with a student-run legal information service.
  • A public legal education and information organization.
  • A law society or bar association referral service for a lawyer.
  • A mediator, social worker or counsellor.
  • An emergency shelter.
  • A divorce support or self-help group.
  • Relevant library books and videos.
  • A multicultural community organization.

The yellow pages, white pages or blue pages in your telephone book have listings for many of these resources. A librarian at your public library may also be able to help you.

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