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Announcing the Launch of Ontario Divorce Help



Ontario Divorce Help, Divorce FAQs & Education Resources

Developed by legal counsel at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, Ontario Divorce Help is an online resource that delivers answers to many common questions about Ontario family law. From the initial stages of marital separation, to longer-term disputes related to issues such as child custody or support payments, we answer the most frequently asked questions (“FAQs”) that we hear about marital disputes in Ontario, Canada.

While the majority of our website is delivered in this “Question and Answer” format, we are also a growing resource and looking to add new material collections — and in a variety of formats! So please keep an eye on us, and consider subscribing to our latest materials.

One word of warning to our readers, however: No part of this website should be relied upon as ‘legal advice’. Each situation has its own context, and the law, of course, changes. If you need advice you can count on, please contact our offices.

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.