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Ontario Bar Association’s TECHxpo 2.0

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Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

I am looking forward to attending and presenting at the Ontario Bar Association’s TECHxpo 2.0 Conference in Toronto.

My co-presenters Dan Pinnington, Catherine Roberts I will be speaking on “60 Technology and Practice Management Tips” and I will be presenting “Practising Safely and Ethically in the Cloud” with David Whelan.

We will review the very latest updates, practical tips, hardware and software specifically designed for the modern law office.

Take advantage of the ample opportunities to meet practitioners from across Ontario and discover new ways to improve your practice.

The vendor expo will showcase a variety of products and services to support and enhance your practice.

You can also join us for the live webcast.


The conference is October 23, 2014, click this link to register.

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