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We are honoured to be named one of the Top CanLII Connects posts of 2014


We are honoured to be named one of the Top CanLII Connects posts of 2014

Our post Can You Sue Your Ex’s Affair Partner for Damages?  has been recognized as one of the Top 10 posts on CanLII Connects in 2014.

CanLII Connects launched earlier this year has almost 34,000 case summaries and commentaries.  With a large number of active contributors the site enjoys a daily stream of new content for its 1,500 active users.

Contributions come from lawyers, legal academics, law students and many others with experience in analyzing the law. CanLII Connects has almost 1,500 active users, and the qualifications of each to participate were manually reviewed by CanLII before their membership was authorized.

CanLII Connects has content on cases from all jurisdictions in Canada, and comment on cases from every superior court nationally.

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