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Top 5 questions about spousal support in Ontario, Canada – video

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Top 5 questions about spousal support in Ontario

In this video we review the top 5 questions about spousal support in Ontario, Canada.

Spousal support — which is sometimes called “maintenance” or (especially in the U.S.) “alimony” — is money paid from one spouse to the other after the dissolution of the relationship. The obligation to pay spousal support is a legal one, and may arise either from a marriage, or from a common-law relationship.

The obligation for one spouse to pay spousal support to the other does not arise automatically from the fact that the parties had a relationship together (whether formally married or common law). Rather, the spouse who is claiming spousal support must prove an entitlement to it.

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  1. Hello thank you so much for the information it was helpful.My lazy lawyer i have been working with for 7 years in kinda getting things in motion.I recieved my divorce papers in August 2013.As soon as i got them i handed them into her and she said i was divorced.He has been paying me from 2008 until now the sum of 700.00 dollars a month.I am unable to work due to a massavie heart attack 3 months after i left him.My meds are being paid for by O D SP.He makes over five thousand dollars a month and owns a farm .He claims that he does not own a farm.I know better as i was married to him for 27 years.He has nothing in his name so i cannot have my part of the farm that is worth over a million dollars or so.My lawyer has not given me any kind of seperatin papers so that i could of applyed for half of his CPP.I have a have not recieved any money on things that he owned such as a poll barn tractor and i am not even sure if i am allowed half the money from his bank account.I did get half his RRSPS thats all.My son who has not spoken to me in 7 years and now lives in my house.Do i have the right to charge him rent.? Am i allowed to ask for intrest on the money he ows me,? None of the household thing have been split in to suck as a car ski_doos motorcycles.I now aftera long time waiting on my lawyer i have a court date for March 17th .Was wondering how much i will loose after waiting on my lawyer for so long.My 2 kids came in the house and took whatever they wanted pictures ect.I am under that free Lawyer program .So now that my lawyer tells me i am divored what will i get .? I am going for more money as fourteen hundred dollars is not enough to live off of.Should he have to pay for my pills that cost around $2.000 a month.What will i get out of this .Thanks so much very concerned Linda Williams.I look very forward to your response.Havw a great day .

    February 12, 2015

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      February 12, 2015

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