Family Violence & Abuse FAQs

What can I do to protect myself from being charged with domestic violence?

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Unfortunately, there is a chronic problem in family law with false allegations of domestic violence. These are most commonly made in an attempt to win custody of the children or to force one spouse out of the home. It is very difficult to protect yourself from these kinds of charges and if you believe your spouse may make this type of claim against you the best thing you can do is move out of the matrimonial home immediately.

If you believe your spouse may attempt to falsify domestic abuse charges against you it is best to keep a witness with you whenever you are going to see your spouse and even whenever you are out in public and believe you might see your spouse. If you do see your spouse without a witness you can record the encounter with your phone or other recording device.

Careful record keeping and documentation of your spouse’s actions and statements may also help in the case that you are actually charged and need to hire a lawyer and put together a case to defend yourself.