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Another silly lawyer video or an effective way to communicate with potential clients?

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Yet another silly lawyer video or an effective way to communicate with potential clients?

The ABA reported recently on Texas attorney Bryan Wilson, who roars:

“Bryan Wilson! Texas Law Hawk!” ..repeatedly in a throaty growl amidst bursts of flame as the American flag waves and an apparent hawk shrieks shrilly in the background. The 29-year-old attorney says he was called Texas Law Hawk by law school classmates, due to his aggressive advocacy.

Within days of being posted on YouTube, that ad had gotten more than half a million views. An earlier ad, which was posted in May, has topped 100,000 views.

The earlier ad begins with a business-suited Wilson sprinting along a street holding the American flag and concludes as he leaps from a moving vehicle to promote his law firm. At one point, Wilson breaks into a giggle as he attempts to proclaim himself “Texas Law Hawk!”

“You know you need a warrant for that!” he tells the officer, after bursting through the entry door on which the cop has been pounding and apparently knocking him to the ground. “Call Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, today!” Wilson tells the audience, pointing repeatedly at the screen.

Tell us what do you think? Another silly lawyer video or and effective way to communicate with potential clients?


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