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Wednesday’s Video Clip: What Are The Child Support Guidelines?

Wednesday’s Video Clip: What Are The Child Support Guidelines?

In this law video we discuss the child support guidelines.

In 1997, the federal government brought in a set of new rules and tables for calculating the amount of support a parent who does not have custody of his or her child must pay to the parent who has custody.

These rules and tables were later adopted by the Ontario government and are set out in the Child Support Guidelines.

A link to the Federal Child Support Guidelines is provided in the Resources – Navigating the Family Law System – Spousal/Child Support section of our website.

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  1. Marilyn #

    To whom it may concern my daughter had a baby 8 months ago the father can’t hold a job has had problems with drugs. They are not married never lived common law. It just happened. He has a lot of issues which in my words a Peter Pan who will not grow up. Who time she was pregnant he was running around doing durgs. Never had a problem getting a job but can’t hold one for very long. For some one who wants this should have started to change his life from the beginning which did not happen. So her lawyer and his lawyer are not counting this time only going on the time from the day he was born. All lady summer he lived off his e.i and said he was active looking for a job. Did not happen. Since the end of September he has moved back in with his mom. Told the lawyers he would be starting work nov. 28 of this year. Which has not happen. Don’t unstand why they keep continuing to give him more time. When relly both lawyers know if it was not for his mom he would only be around when he wants. As of now he is just sitting around doing not much at home. His mother is his biggest enable always has been. He does not pay rent which the lawyers know. His mom is supporting him all the way. Paying for everything even the child support he offered. Knowing he had no job so mom is paying all his bills. He has not grown up at all. This has been his behaviour for the 6 years I have know him. You say black he will say white very quick to pick a fight. At one point before the baby came he was living in Oshawa working off and on because of drugs and friends he has so his mother would pay his rent did not want him home they relationship is very poor. Need to know why the lawyers are letting him get away with all this. He has been told by his own lawyer to get his act together still to this date he has not taken a parent class which he was told to do. By the lawyers and his own lawyer has said I told care if you get a job at tim Horton or pumping gas has not happened. His own stepfather had said you can’t get anything by sitting around. There is no relationship with them two at all. He has caused a lot of problems with his mom and stepfather with him living at home. Between him and his mother the stepfather is not told everything that goes on as his mother hides a lot from her husband. She does not work does a few hours doing the book for her husband Business. Would like to know how the lawyers can allow this to continue. Pls advise what my daughter could do next to protect herself and my grandson. P.S I know if this was my daughter something would have been done already. Thank you marilyn

    January 12, 2017

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