Divorce 101 FAQs

Can I just get a “quick” divorce?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. First, consider whether you are simply looking to do the paperwork and receive a piece of paper which says that you are divorced or if there are other issues to be decided. If that is the case and both parties agree there are no outstanding disagreements, then you can complete your paperwork with the court and receive a divorce within just a couple of months.

Unfortunately, most Divorce cases involve complex financial and emotional issues which need to be resolved between the parties. There may be children involved, jointly owned property, or support issues which need to be worked out before a divorce can be granted. Lawyers may need to become involved, agreements can be required and you may even need to go to court to resolve difficult disputes. In this scenario it becomes much less likely that you will be able to receive a quick divorce as the court will refuse to grant one unless both parties agree that all the issues between them have been resolved.

Even in a complex divorce it is possible to resolve all issues quickly if the parties are willing to be flexible and work together to come to an agreement. It is only when the parties get tied up with parenting schedules, support payments and division of property that divorces become long and drawn out.

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