Child Custody FAQs

What is a parenting plan? How do I make one with my spouse?

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Parents may be asked to create a parenting plan to describe how their child will be cared for. Sometimes, parents do not understand what a parenting plan includes, or are unable to agree on a parenting plan. This may result in a judge having to step in and speak with the parents.

However, help is available for parents before reaching this point. At times the court may suggest using a parenting coordinator to assist the parents in sorting some of the specific planning out. Parenting coordinators are often trained specifically in regards to the legal aspects of child disputes, and able to act as specialized mediators in these instances.

Family lawyers and mediators may also avoid extra court time, as they are very experienced and understand what the court is looking for. Parents may be able to sit down with their lawyers to hash out the details and come to an agreement that works for everyone involved. Mediators are also able to help the parties come up with creative solutions.