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How much spousal support must be paid?

If you or your spouse is entitled to spousal support, the amount that must be paid depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the incomes of the parties, the length of the parties’ relationship, the age of the parties, and the roles each party played within the relationship.

Other important factors include whether there was a marriage contract signed which outlined the amount of spousal support to be paid, and whether there were any special circumstances that occurred during the relationship that may affect the amount of support a spouse is entitled to. Special circumstances could include factors such as whether one of the spouses stayed home to look after children for an extensive period of time.

The court decides how much spousal support should be paid and for how long based on the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. These Guidelines use two different methods to determine support, based on whether spouses have children together or do not. Some websites offer free calculations, but these are only estimates. If you’d like to learn more about your specific entitlements to spousal support, it is best to consult a family lawyer.

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