Family Violence & Abuse FAQs

I’m afraid that my partner is going to take my child out of the country without my permission. What can I do if this happens?

If you are afraid that your partner is going to remove your child from Canada, it is important to get help quickly. This may include going to the police and letting them know what you believe your spouse is going to do.

Canada has signed an agreement called the Hague Convention with many other countries. This means that if a child has been removed from Canada and taken to another country that is a member of this agreement, there are special provisions put in place to deal with the situation. You will have to start an application to have your child returned to the country in which they habitually reside.

However, it can be difficult to return a child to Canada if they have been taken to a country that is not part of this agreement. It is always best to consult a family lawyer to find out what your options are and how to ensure your child remains safe.