FAQs Saving the Family Business

Why might avoiding court be important for my business?

You might not want to litigate your family law matter in court because it could have negative effects on the viability of your business. This is because court matters are public record and court documents filed by the parties can be accessed by anyone.

To bring a family law matter before a court, the party seeking relief is required to disclose relevant financial information and provide supporting documentation upon filing an application. This triggers the court process, requiring the responding party to make similar disclosure. These documents form part of the continuing record and can generally be accessed by any member of the general public.

Disclosure of your personal and financial information may have negative effects on the reputation of your business. If you have a high profile business, news of your court matter may be picked up by news media, which may cause irreparable harm to your business reputation. Even if your business is less known, information about your business may get into the wrong hands. Ultimately, the public nature of the court process may impact your business’ bottom line, and quite possibly, its viability.