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Cheating Wife Busted When Husband Spots Her on Google Maps

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Cheating Wife Busted When Husband Spots Her on Google Maps

Many of my past Blogs have chronicled the use – or attempted use – of Facebook evidence in Canadian family law proceedings.  But here’s a little twist:  In a news item from Peru, a husband learned of his wife’s extramarital affair through an image he found on Google Maps, through the “Street View” feature.

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The photos shows his wife, sitting on an outdoor bench with a man reclined and leaning his head on her lap.  She is stroking his hair in what suggests there is an intimate connection between them.  Perhaps ironically, the image was taken near the Puente de los Suspiros (or “Bridge of Sighs”), which is a tourist attraction in Lima, Peru.

The husband uncovered the photos, which were taken by Google in 2013, while planning a trip to that area.  He was using Google Maps to look for directions.   After finding the image, he confronted his wife about the affair, which she admitted to.  They have since divorced.

Latin American news site La Cronica reported that the man posted about the incident on Facebook.

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