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Family Law Now | Episode 2: Top 10 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Practice

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On this episode, hosted by Russell Alexander with special guest Jason Isenberg, two collaborative family lawyers discuss the process, resources, and the various benefits for clients who choose collaborative. Tune in to Family Law Now to learn more!

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Show Notes

1. Key Elements

2. The Difference Between Collaborative Practice and Mediation

3. The Collaborative Team

infographic collaborative family law team members

4. A Different Approach

5. Reducing Hostility in Family Disputes and Separation

6. The Nuts & Bolts of Collaborative Practice

7. The Pace of Collaborative Practice

8. A Focus on the Future

Communication Guidelines

9. A Focus on Interests, Not Positions

10. Further Information about Collaborative Practice

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OACP (previously known as OCLF)

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.