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A Divorce That Is Out Of This World

USA rocket launching to space
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A  Divorce That Is Out Of This World

American NASA astronaut Anne McClain has recently been in the midst of claims of identity theft that is said to have begun in the difficult divorce between her and her spouse Summer Worden. Worden claims that her bank account was accessed by a NASA computer network without her permission, thus leading to a complaint against the Federal Trade Commission.

McClain’s lawyer describes that prior to the separation McClain had aided with the raising of Worden’s son and provided financial support and accessed the bank account of such support without the knowledge that Worden no longer wishes she do so.

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The martial breakdown had historically been subject to further claims of abuse and disagreements over child custody. With the divorce ongoing, and the finances not yet separated, the confusion of the claim has exited the atmosphere.

McClain was set to participate in an upcoming spacewalk that was to be the first all-female spacewalk in history but has, unfortunately, had to be reassigned albeit by a decision on her behalf due to unrelated matters.

Case ongoing.

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