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Family Law Now | Episode 8: Organizing the Collaborative Practice Movement

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On this episode, Russell Alexander is joined by Brian Galbraith, board of directors member, chair to the access to collaborative comity, and of course collaborative professional. While discussing the variety of organizations and processes that support collaborative practice, they acknowledge its significant international growth and share insight into the future. To learn more tune in to Family Law Now.

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Show Notes

Local Practice Groups

Collaborative Practice Durham Region

The Collaborative Practice Institute (CPI)

Provincial Associations

Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals (formerly known as OCLF)

Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario

International Organizations

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts


FDRIO Toronto Conference 2019

IACP 20th Annual Forum in Chicago

Webinar – Saving The Golden Goose



Collaborative Practice Participation Agreement – Schedule A

My Commitment To Reaching A Settlement

SCAR: The Emotional Journey of Separation and Divorce

Sample Collaborative Task Statement

Collaborative Task Statement

Family Anchor Statement

Separation and Divorce Readiness Indicator (SDRI) Authorization and Direction

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.