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What to do if you have received a Notice of Default Hearing

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Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

What to do if you have received a Notice of Default Hearing

A Notice of Default Hearing is a notice sent to you by the Family Responsibility Office that is responsible for collecting support payments for Ontario families. A Default Hearing occurs before a judge and requires you to explain your lack of payments. These hearing can be avoided by one of three ways:

  • Bring your payments up to date
  • Create a payment plan with the Family Responsibility Office
  • Prepare and attend for your Default Hearing

If you choose to attend your Default Hearing, it is recommended to retain a lawyer but here are 7 steps that are important to complete.

  • Find out the date and location of the hearing
  • Collect information and fill out the required forms
  • Provide copies of these forms to the Family Responsibility Office
  • File the forms with the court
  • Attend the hearing
  • Proceed with the steps ordered by the court at the hearing

More information can be found at the Family Responsibility Office website at: or by phone at: 416-240-2401.

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