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Wedding Gets Called Off – Bride’s Sister Expects to Get Unused Wedding Gown

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Wedding Gets Called Off – Bride’s Sister Expects to Get Unused Wedding Gown 

It’s always a good idea to make the best of a bad situation, but the sister of a jilted bride may have taken the concept a bit too far.

In an unusual story reported by a U.S. news source, the bride had called off the wedding after learning that her intended groom cheated on her with a stripper at his bachelor party.

Feeling that that she was somehow at fault “for not being sexy enough or not giving him what he wanted”, she was determined to make the most of the unfortunate turn of events.   In a gesture designed to “take her power back”, she decided to use her sewing skills to alter her now-unneeded wedding dress, so that she could wear it to other events.   Over the course of a week, she trimmed and tailored it, and dyed it a different colour.  The result was a beautiful gown, which she proudly shared photos of on Instagram.

Little did she know that this would spark a dispute with her own sister, who apparently expected to have the unused $2,000 dress given to her, unaltered.   Immediately after seeing the Instagram pictures, the sister called the bride to question her on the need for the alterations, and to ask why she could not have waited until after the sister’s own upcoming wedding date a few months hence.   The news story recounts the bride’s reaction:

…  I was so confused. Then she reminded me that when we were staying at the hotel where my wedding was supposed to happen, my mom and sister were there cheering me up and my sister said something along the lines of “oh well if you are not using it, I will.” We all laughed so I thought it was a joke because it was never brought up again after. She just asked me once what material it was so I assumed she wanted something similar.

The online comments in response to the situation tended to support the bride: Some called the sister insensitive, and pointed out it would be awkward for the bride to see her sister walk down the aisle in a dress that had been picked out for her own wedding which had been so suddenly and cruelly called off.  Others questioned why the sister would even want to wear the spoils of her sibling’s failed relationship and misery.

When asked for her input on the squabble, the mother of both women apparently sided with the sister about the unfortunate timing of the bride’s alterations, but understood both points of view.

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