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Do You Want Fries with That Breakup?

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Do You Want Fries with That Breakup? 

As reported by a news outlet recently, the Burger King chain of restaurants in participating U.S. cities (namely New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston), is offering a delicious little “boost” on Valentine’s Day, to anyone who’s been jilted in a relationship and might feel a bit forlorn about it.

As part of a partnership deal to promote the new film “Birds of Prey”, which is a 2020 American superhero film featuring the D.C. Comics character Harley Quinn, the well-known burger chain is offering a free flame-broiled Whopper sandwich on Valentine’s Day to anyone who brings in a printed photo of their Ex.

Those who are unhappily/unexpectedly single can present their photo at “Birds of Prey”-themed “breakup boxes” (i.e. trash cans) stationed in participating restaurants, for a proper – and likely satisfying – disposal.  Dumpees who live in New York have the added option to bring in letters, stuffed animals, or a piece of clothing instead.

Not to leave out those heartbroken folks who are too far from a participating location, Burger King is also offering an online quiz within their mobile app, that offers a chance to get a Whopper for $3 after answering four out of five questions correctly.

Is it a cure for a broken heart?  Maybe not.  But it’s a cure for an empty stomach … and a nice way to briefly forget all about your heartbreak on cupid’s favourite day.

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