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Divorce and Family Law Office Expansion

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is proud to announce the completion of their new boardroom. This is the forth expansion that has taken place so far in the divorce lawyers’ office located in Whitby, Ontario. Russell Alexander initially started practicing family law over 20 years ago in Lindsay, Ontario. Since then, his team has grown exponentially as reflected in his total of six office locations.

The New Boardroom Reveal

Russell Alexander invited all employees in the building to drop by for a complimentary lunch to celebrate the completion of this long term project. It was his way of saying thank you for tolerating the past construction.

Before The Renovation



Do you remember the door on the right wall? Well, it is completely gone and has been replaced with a grey accent wall. You may also see in this progress photo finished paint on the walls and ceiling, a carpet, and electrical outlets.


Assembly of the table large enough to sit the entire team.

See how the team decided which chair to use at the new table on TikTok.

Law Clerks

This renovation not only created a space for the entire team to meet comfortably – it also allowed for the addition of two new office stations.

Finishing Touches

Last, but certainly not least – setting up the phone, screen, and internet for conferences. The functionality is truly the greatest asset of this space. You know it would not be complete without artwork on the walls and some speakers for #TurntableTuesday.

Thank you to everyone following Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers through this transformation. Visit FamilyLLB on YouTube for a look at the completed renovation. We look forward to even bigger and better accomplishments to come.

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.