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Family Law Now | Ep. 21: COVID-19 and Divorce

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Written by Russell Alexander ria@russellalexander.com / (905) 655-6335

Date Recorded: March 15th, 2020

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Bonus episode: Listen in to the conference call with Russell Alexander and his fellow lawyers and thought leaders Billie Tarascio, Brian Galbraith, and Richard Harris. Between businesses and locations, their approaches differ, but they share a common priority to protect both employees of the firm and their clients. Since the recording of this podcast, news has been released that the family court matters will be suspended starting Tuesday March 17th, 2020 as well as schools, day care, and more. These lawyers discuss their plans to encourage working remotely, and provide tips for lawyers and clients during this time. Tune in for recommendations as to what you can do as a business owner, and helpful communication tools. The lawyers reveal their predictions for the future resulting from the global pandemic. Tune in to Family Law Now 🎙

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Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander is the Founder & Senior Partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.