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Family Law Now | Ep. 23: Spouse in the House – How to Avoid Divorce

Written by Russell Alexander ria@russellalexander.com / (905) 655-6335

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Russell Alexander teams up with social workers to provide quarantined spouses with solutions they can implement on a day-to-day basis. Learn tips and tricks from experts Allyson Gardner, Karen Guthrie-Douse, and Jonathan Paynter to help you in this difficult time. Tune in to Family Law Now 🎙

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Allyson Gardner

Allyson Gardner, MSW/RSW, is an experienced Child and Family Therapist, Collaborative Family Professional, Separation and Divorce Consultant, and a Custody and Access Assessor. Allyson, who is trained in Narrative, Solution-Oriented and Mindfulness-Based Therapy Strategies, operates an established private practice and is a panel member with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

Karen Guthrie-Douse

Karen has been a social worker for the past 24 years.  Her experience includes 16 years of working at a children’s mental health centre in Toronto, specializing in adolescent mental health and developmental disability.  In 2004, Karen joined the Office of the Children’s Lawyer as a clinical agent, where she completes Section 112 reports, and assists OCL panel lawyers.  She has testified in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Family Court Division.  Karen has operated a private practice for 15 years in which she specializes in custody and access, separation and divorce, and parenting issues.  She provides parent coaching and consultation to families and professionals.  Karen recently added Collaborative Practice to her skill set, and looks forwards to assisting clients in resolving their separation and divorce issues in a respectful manner.


Jonathan Paynter

With a background in social work and counselling psychology, Jonathan has worked as a Registered Social Worker for over 20 years in a variety of fields, including child protection, youth justice, education and family court assessments.  Currently, Jonathan has a private practice, with locations in Newcastle and Peterborough, providing psychotherapy, family counselling, family mediation, collaborative family law and Section 30 assessments, as well as a variety of other services. Jonathan is a member of a number of professional organizations, including the OAFM, AFCC, OCSWSSW and Collaborative Practice Durham Region, as well as many more.


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