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Family Law Now | Ep. 35: Court Decides Whether Student Attends School In-Person or Online. Is This Decision “Medical” or “Educational”?

Date Recorded: September 15th, 2020

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Is the decision to attend school online “medical” or “educational”? Often times when separated parents cannot agree on what is best for their child, they take the matter to court. In this episode of Family Law Now, family lawyers discuss the most recent court rulings, analyze the options, and share their thoughts on the judges’ final decision. Tune in to Family Law Now hosted by Russell Alexander featuring guest speakers Nafisa Nazarali, Michelle Mulchan, and Bill Rogers.

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Show Notes

Court Rules on Remote vs. In-Person Learning for the Children of Two Teachers

In-Person vs. Remote Schooling During COVID-19: Is it a “Medical” Decision? Or an “Educational” One? 

Ontario Judge Laments Spike in Urgent “Let’s Change Johnny’s School” Motions at This Time of Year

Child Ordered by Court to Return to In-Person Schooling

COVID-19 and Divorce Information Centre

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