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Welcome to the team, Rick!

lawyerOur office is proud to welcome Rick Peticca to our team as an associate lawyer. Rick holds over thirteen years of experience practicing family law. Rick understands that the role of a family law lawyer with their client is extremely important and that there needs to be a high level of mutual trust. This trust requires transparency and forthrightness between the lawyer and the client so that they are able to work together effectively. Rick sees his role to the client as providing assistance to them by working alongside them and helping them make decisions that will lead to a resolution tailored to their needs.

Rick provides his clients with the technical overview and experience such that they obtain legal advice and assistance that will serve them to devise, implement, and carry out a strategy to advance their matter towards a resolution within the framework of the law. Rick’s focus is accomplishing this for his clients in all aspects of family law and matrimonial law whether it be child-related matters, support, and property issues. Rick’s extensive experience as a family lawyer brings many years of practicing family law across different dispute resolutions mechanisms – negotiations and mediations, as well as litigation and arbitration.

Rick’s focus and interest in family law began at Osgoode Hall Law School, and to some extent, in his undergraduate studies at York University. In law school, Rick worked with the Family Law Project at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto where he assisted underrepresented litigants to work with duty counsel and family advice counsel at the courthouses. In his final year at Osgoode, he was elected to be one of four Team Leaders of this Project.

Rick obtained his undergraduate degree from York University in 2002 and obtained his law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2006. He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario as well as the York Region Law Association. He was called to the Bar in Ontario in 2007. Prior to joining our team, Rick worked in another boutique family law firm in Toronto where he was able to further his knowledge and experience in this field. He has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, such as the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and the Court of Appeal for Ontario. He also served as sole counsel of record on a leave application for a family matter that was brought before the Supreme Court of Canada.

When he is away from helping clients, it is not unusual to find him enjoying the outdoors with activities such as going on walks or hikes in addition to enjoying time with friends and family.

We are proud to have Rick as a member of our team!

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