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Divorcing in 2021? Everything You NEED to Know!

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Divorcing in 2021? Everything You NEED to Know!

Going through a divorce or separation is inherently a tough process both logistically, and emotionally. Our job at Russell Alexander Family Lawyers is to ensure you go through this process with guidance and ease.

Check out our Divorce Information Centre to get a simplified look at what the divorce or separation process consists of in Ontario, as well as answers to some common questions, grouped by topics such as:

  • Divorce 101: Know the Basics
  • Ontario family law general concepts
  • Is your marriage legally valid?
  • Can you divorce immediately if there is adultery?
  • How to begin a separation in Canada
  • Tips for representing yourself
  • Tips for working with a lawyer
  • The importance of the Date of Separation
  • Coming to an agreement with your spouse
  • Things to watch out for post-separation

At Russell Alexander Family Lawyers, we understand. You never wanted to be here, never asked to be here. Choosing a lawyer is not like choosing a bank or a plumber or a hairdresser. It’s not something you ever thought you’d need to do. It’s not something you even want to do.

You’re here because you’re doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family.

And we’re here to help you do that. We try to provide a lot of information so that people can get through this period of their life with ease, but it is important to acknowledge that each situation is unique. That is where we can help.

To ensure you understand all of your options and rights, you do not need to wait and you can get started online today or get in touch with us.

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