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Family Law Now | Ep. 46: Divorce Act Changes – Part 4: Variation, Rescission, Suspension

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Episode 46

Changes to the Divorce Act were implemented on March 1, 2021. We’ve broken down the federal legislation into a six part series due to the quantity of important changes. We hope to provide helpful dialogue for parties involved in family law matters and professionals in the family justice system to understand the changes.

Part 4: Variation, Rescission, Suspension

Russell Alexander, Nafisa Nazarali, Jason Isenberg, and Margie Primero-Pimentel wrap up the Divorce Act Changes series with this final episode. These Ontario Divorce Lawyers concur that the new legislation is very welcome (though long overdue) and sends the right message. The conscious changes in language and terminology help to reflect truer definitions. Again, we’re seeing a focus on the best interests of the child and cases of family violence. The new legislation provides more clarity in the grey areas of family law, which may lead to less time spent in litigation and more time focusing on family.

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Changes to the Divorce Act

Department of Justice for the Government of Canada

Variation order (Section 17(1), Divorce Act)

Factors for parenting order or contact order (Section 17(5), Divorce Act)

Variation order (Section 17(5.1), Divorce Act)

Relocation – change in circumstances (Section 17(5.2), Divorce Act)

Relocation prohibited – no change in circumstances (Section 17(5.3), Divorce Act)

Priority to child support (Section 17(6.6), Divorce Act)

Repeal section 17(9) (Section 17(9), Divorce Act)

Copy of order (Section 17(11), Divorce Act)

Case References

Willick v. Willick

Gordon v. Goertz

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