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Family Law Now is One of The Best 5 Canadian Family Podcasts

Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

Family Law Now has been featured in the Best 10 Canadian Family Podcasts by Feedspot in fifth place. Here is a list of the top five podcast episodes from 2021 to celebrate this recognition.

Top 5 Family Law Now Podcast Episodes in 2021

Managing a Law Firm During the Pandemic

Family law firm owners recap and reflect on their decisions over the past fourteen months surrounding physical office locations, working remote, onboarding new team members, team building and more. Russell Alexander, Brian Galbraith, Rich Harris, and Brian Walters discuss how they are managing differently today vs. pre-pandemic, what is working and what isn’t. They talk about strategies to improve the health & wellness of both clients and staff. Listen in for insightful predictions from business owners and industry leaders of the future.

Tune in to Episode 47 on Family Law Now 🎙

Divorce Act Changes – Part 1: Objectives & New Duties

Changes to the Divorce Act were implemented on March 1, 2021. We’ve broken down the federal legislation into a six part series due to the quantity of important changes. We hope to provide helpful dialogue for parties involved in family law matters and professionals in the family justice system to understand the changes.

Part 1: Objectives & New Duties

Russell Alexander is joined by Associate Family Lawyers, Rick Peticca and Michelle Mulchan to discuss the recent changes to the Divorce Act including duties of the court, legal advisers, and parties to a proceeding. Lawyers analyze the terminology used in the new legislation to predict the pathway towards future changes.

Tune in to Episode 41 on Family Law Now 🎙

Christmas Access During Covid

Routine traditions, celebrations, and gatherings that typically occur each the holiday season will undoubtedly be changed for our first Covid Christmas. Children of separated parents benefit from parental communication and support during the unprecedented time. In this episode, Russell Alexander and guest speakers share insight into the pitfalls, best practices, and tips & tricks for parents to keep their children safe and healthy. Francesca King provides insight into the current situation in Italy, and social workers Allyson Gardner and Jonathan Paynter share their perspective.

Tune in to Episode 38 on Family Law Now 🎙

Court Order for Child Terrified of Covid-19

Should the court allow an Ontario-based mother to remain with her three teenaged children in another province – in breach of her custody agreement with the father – mainly to give them a respite from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? Russell Alexander is joined by family lawyers Lori Dubin, Brittany Whalen, and Rick Peticca to cover this court case and reflect on the decision.

Tune in to Episode 40 on Family Law Now 🎙

Deadbeat Dad Jailed for 4.5 Years for Failing to Pay Nearly $250K in Child Support

In a recent controversial Nova Scotia decision, a father who failed to abide by a court order requiring him to pay nearly $247,000 in unpaid child support was sentenced to 4.5 years’ incarceration for contempt of court. Russell Alexander and three of the experienced family lawyers on his team, Margie Primero-Pimentel, Brittany Whalen, and Rick Peticca share their analysis of the case, respond to the decision, and question the legislation.

Tune in to Episode 39 on Family Law Now 🎙

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