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3 Benefits of Collaborative Practice (Part 7 of 10)

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3 Benefits of Collaborative Practice

1. Experts Used in Specific Area – Legal, Financial, Family

The collaborative team will often included two lawyers, a neutral financial professional, and a neutral family professional. These experts each work in their area of expertise to produce the highest quality of work.

2. Operate in an Environment of Trust-Rebuilding of Family Trust

The Participation Agreement of collaborative practice calls for respect and civility throughout the process. All parties are required at all times to abide by the communication guidelines that enable open and honest discussions albeit with respect. The family professional can help facilitate this happens during each meeting.

3. Allows Client to Settle Now Rather than Later with Court Process

Litigation is both long and expensive. Courts are backlogged due to the pandemic with many parties are waiting six months to a year for their first court date. This timeframe can be expensive and frustrating. During the collaborative process, parties usually schedule their first meeting within a month and often resolve their matter within that year; saving time, money, and energy for both parties involved.

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