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Wife’s “No-Makeup” Look Shocks New Husband – Claims Grounds for Divorce

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Wife’s “No-Makeup” Look Shocks New Husband – Claims Grounds for Divorce

Some female celebrities, like Beyonce, have posted “No Makeup” pictures on their social media, which prove that they still look drop-dead gorgeous even without a face full of cosmetics.  But what happens when the No Makeup look isn’t quite so flattering?

A shocking story currently out of the U.S. where a newly-married husband in Egypt wants to dissolve his marriage because he feels “deceived” about his wife’s appearance. More to the point, he has filed for divorce after only one month because he doesn’t find his wife’s “real face” attractive without the heavy makeup she was wearing during their courtship.

The husband gave evidence to the Family Court that he had met his wife several times before they got married, and found her attractive.  But when he saw her for the first time without makeup soon after the wedding ceremony, he was “shocked”:  In his words, she looked “nothing like” and “completely different from” the person he had previously met.  Apparently this first started to become evident when they went for a honeymoon swim at a beach in Dubai, and the water washed off her makeup. He found that without it, his wife was what he considered to be “ugly”.

The couple had originally connected on Facebook, where the husband had also seen many attractive photos that the wife had posted before they agreed to wed.  As the husband explained in his evidence, “I saw her pictures on Facebook, she looks totally different when she does not wear makeup.  I was deceived and want to divorce her”.  He even tried to get accustomed to his wife’s looks for about a month, to no avail.

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