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How 2022 Ontario Lockdowns Impact Your Divorce and Separation

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Written by Russell Alexander / (905) 655-6335

With the recently introduced new restrictions here in Ontario, many people may be wondering how this will affect their current or planning separation. Divorce lawyers in Ontario have been swamped with requests for divorce filings during lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic. In this blog post we will be discussing how to get a divorce in Ontario while being under lockdown from Covid-19 pandemic.

Getting Started

There are a few steps that you will need to take in order to file for divorce during lockdown. The first step is to contact your lawyer and schedule an appointment. Your lawyer will help you gather all of the necessary documents required for divorce filing.

The second step is to complete the divorce application form, which can be found on the Ministry of the Attorney General website. This form is very important, and divorce lawyers in Ontario recommend that you fill it out completely to ensure accuracy.

The third step is to gather all divorce documents including your marriage certificate, birth certificates for any children involved in divorce proceedings, income statements for both spouses, bank account information (if necessary), property titles or divorce settlement agreement (if divorce proceedings are settled out of court), and any other divorce documents that may be applicable.

Once your divorce application form has been completed, you will need to gather all divorce documents and submit them for processing with the Ministry of the Attorney General in person or by mail.

Making things easier: Using Zoom to Resolve Your Family Law Needs

Navigating a divorce can be confusing and unsettling at the best of times much less during a pandemic. With Ontario’s stay-at-home order and closed courthouses, you might think that getting a divorce is impossible.

Through the convenience of Zoom, our team at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers are able to conduct divorce proceedings safely and efficiently. We will help you resolve your divorce without setting foot in a courtroom.

Family law matters are now handled virtually, which enables us to represent anyone within the Province of Ontario.

Ontario Courts Adapting to Lockdown Restrictions
The COVID-19 pandemic has required Ontario courts to adjust to physical distancing requirements by temporarily closing courthouses, and by conducting hearings remotely via Zoom. Documents can now be submitted for filing electronically and signatures can be obtained with DocuSign.

Types of Cases Being Handled
The courts have been deferring many matters but have been prioritizing urgent matters, specifically in relation to the best interests of the children.

How RIA Team Can Help You
As a firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law, Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers has extensive experience helping individuals going through a separation or divorce via Zoom.

We regularly help our clients resolve issues surrounding:

  • child custody and access;
  • child support;
  • spousal support; and
  • division of property.

Many of our firm’s lawyers are also trained in Collaborative Practice and Mediation. While our goal is always to resolve our clients’ matters in the most amicable way possible without engaging in litigation, our lawyers are prepared to be your fierce advocates and will argue your case before the Family Court when an agreement cannot be reached.

If you are currently going through a separation or ancillary issues, or are considering such actions, you can contact our office and book a consultation.

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